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“We came to earth to REMEMBER WE ARE LOVE. How each of us RETURNS is a UNIQUE

journey into our own HEART.

 - Kristi DeWolf




(30-40 Min)

VAT uses sound to produce vibrations that are applied directly to the body. Specific frequencies of sound waves generate an “internal massage”, at a cellular level. The whole body is gently stimulated and the most common post-session affect, yet, not limited to, is an overall feeling of total relaxation. 

For a more detailed description and what to expect during a VAT session click here.

Single Session - $45

3 Sessions - $120

5 Sessions - $175

(40 Min)


Crystal singing bowls are played, along with the use of energetic techniques, and are applied to the individual, intuitively, to assist in relieving stress in both mind, body and spirit, by inducing a deep state of relaxation and balancing the masculine and feminine (giver and receiver) energies, present within each being.

Single Session - $60

3 Sessions - $150

5 Sessions - $225

Please note that all treatments can also be applied to the highly sensitive child. Contact me directly for inquiries.


(60 Min)

A combination of Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) and Relaxation Massage to induce a deep state of relaxation and overall sense of wellbeing. VAT will begin the session, with personal time on the table, decompressing and relaxing the mind and muscles, while listening to soothing sound healing music (approx. 20 mins). The remainder of the session will be hands on, relaxation massage, on the region of choice (upper body OR lower body), to further enhance and complement the effects of the VAT.

Single Session - $80

3 Sessions - $210

5 Sessions - $325


(60 Min)

Can be a combination of Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT), Crystal Bowl Sound Bath and Energy Tune-up techniques, and massage as intuitively guided for a multidimensional, energetic experience! While listening to soothing sound healing music, the session will be rich with intuitively guided, sound and energy techniques, full of LOVE vibration, to assist in bringing each individual to their own unique and personal sense of wellbeing. This session's Intention is ALWAYS one of supporting wherever an individual is at on their Spiritual Journey and assisting them with the utmost LOVE and RESPECT through any adversity they may be currently experiencing. We are all Souls having a human experience and it is my honour and purpose to support others with as much LIGHT and LOVE as possible, while we are here.

Single Session - $80

3 Sessions - $210

5 Sessions - $325




As a traditionally trained Registered Massage Therapist (2004-2020), I knew early into my training, that I was sensing things about people and creating connections that I could not explain, especially when it came to their needs and emotions.

At our school clinic, I began treating a young man with severe cerebral palsy, who was wheel-chair bound, non-verbal, self-harming and aggressive at times. Little did I know, after our first encounter, that his caseworker would ask for me to see him exclusively, because I was the first student that he lasted the entire treatment with, without getting agitated and needing to leave before the end of the session. The caseworker was completely shocked that this young man didn’t react in his usual way. Looking back, I had no fear of him, only a deep compassion and understanding of his needs that seemed to just be present and did not require any of the normal, more obvious ways of communicating. Did I understand what was happening at the time? No. Was it really happening? YES!

Fast forward to present day, and the twists and turns of my life took me on a journey of discovering that I am, what some call, an Intuitive Empath. A person who is able to tune into the feelings, emotions and even the thoughts of others, like they are their own. This allows me to create a deep connection and understanding, with those I meet, which is truly magical and at the same time, can be a great challenge, as with any extrasensory gift. My unique, vibration (which everyone has), or simply put, energy, also has the natural ability to transmute and relieve others of stress/pain or heavy emotional energy, which will create a lightening and uplifting affect in their energy field, providing a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

I am trained/attuned in all levels of Reiki, including 3rd degree Reiki Master. This energetic attuning was a pivotal catalyst in helping me to understand the connections and experiences I was already having with others. That being said, I have evolved into a place where I work with the energy of others beyond that scope as well. Symbols, in the forms of sacred geometry, started to come to me during sessions, to assist in recalibrating the nervous system and balancing the yin/yang, feminine/masculine, receiver/giver energetics, present in every person. So, my energetic approach during my sessions includes both working with the chakra centres in the energy body, as well as the nervous system, to create harmony between mind, body and spirit, and induce a state of relaxation, where the body is able to function optimally and the energy is balanced and aligned.


As I became more aware of my energetic nature, and energy in general, I discovered the positive health benefits of sound/vibration and how it relates to our wellbeing. This lead me to become trained as a Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) Practitioner, through Kate Kunkel of VibroAcoustic Therapy International, who has more than 20 years of experience in the VAT profession. You can read more details about how VAT works, as well as the benefits of sound therapy, here on my page.

In closing, my Intention is ALWAYS one of empowering and supporting wherever an individual is at on their Spiritual journey and assisting them with the utmost LOVE and RESPECT through any adversity they may be currently experiencing. We are all Souls having a human experience and it is my honour and purpose to support others with as much LIGHT and LOVE as possible, while we are here.

It’s time to remember…


Kristi DeWolf

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